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Raging Phoenix is a 2009 Thai hand to hand fighting film featuring Yanin “Jeeja” Vismistananda, in her second film execution. It is coordinated by Rashane Limtrakul, with hand to hand fighting choreography by Panna Rittikrai.Deu (Jija Yanin) meets three bosses of tipsy combative technique—”Canine Shit”, “Pig Shit”, and Sanim, when they thwart an endeavor to kidnap her. She persuades them to prepare her in their hand to hand fighting style, and discovers that they have met up to crush the Jaguar Gang, who steal “extraordinary” young ladies. She succumbs to Sanim while he prepares her—however discovers that he is still enamored with Pai—his life partner who was stole by the Jaguar Gang three years prior, amid what should be their wedding.After safeguarding more ladies utilizing her recently discovered aptitudes, Deu is twice tried by the as of not long ago concealed fourth individual from the group—”Bologna”. Raging Phoenix 2009 Full Movie HD Free Download 720p, Raging Phoenix 2009 Full Movie Download, She discovers that The Jaguar pack just kidnaps ladies with a specific “odor”, a scent that Deu has, which they use to make an uncommon fragrance—and that the mystery of her new kung fu is not just intoxication, but rather enthusiastic torment. In any case, Kee Ma (Dog Shit) is a “Sniffer”, and can discover the odor. To situate out the Jaguar Gang’s refuge, Deu is utilized as an imitation. It works too well, as Deu is kidnapped yet the group neglects to discover the den where she was taken.Deu, having been tranquilized, tries to escape and discovers the motivation behind why the Jaguar pack steals these particular ladies. The ladies’ tears have a synthetic substance which can enhance wellbeing. Deu is then gotten, yet not before thumping a few vials of the tears onto the floor which makes them break. Kee Ma can notice the tears and demonstrates the others into the refuge where they have a huge fight ensues.Sanim tries to remove Deu from the battling yet rather discovers Pai. Before they can take Pai away, they meet the pioneer of the Jaguar Gang, London (Roongtawan Jindasing).

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Raging Phoenix 2009 Full Movie HD Free Download 720p

Raging Phoenix 2009 Full Movie HD Free Download 720p

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