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High Test Girls (German: Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle)is a 1980 Swiss obscene film co-composed and coordinated by Erwin C. Dietrich. It stars Brigitte Lahaie, Jane Baker, Lynn Monteil, France Lomay, Flore Sollier and Élodie Delage. The film is a spin-off for Sechs Schwedinnen im PensionatSix young ladies who claim a corner store invest their energy engaging in sexual relations with clients while the autos is getting topped off outside. Six ladies acquire a corner store and engage in sexual relations with the clients while their autos are getting topped off outside. This is a delicate center comic drama film. It is around 6 young ladies in a life experience school attempting to get sex instruction all alone plans. Going to a porn shop; Exercising exposed with a male mentor; Kissing and touching each other on a prairie: Bicycling without a gasp; Running and Jumping naked;… Their insidious activities have been gotten however acknowledged by the female educator. At last, this educator participate as one of this hot group.This is an extraordinary film.High Test Girls Full Movie HD Free Download DVDrip, High Test Girls Full Movie Download, It has about six appealing ladies who more than once show up absolutely stripped and now and again engage in sexual relations. That is the plot, so the naming is not an issue. The ladies in this film have numerous leisure activities, including Naked Leapfrog, Naked Jogging, Naked Calisthenics, Naked Pranks on outsiders, Naked Bike Riding, and Sex.Another hacked-to-pieces, crush polish off-your-teeth-while-your-knowledge is-offended flick reintroduced to a clueless market to capitalize on the notariety of Brigitte Lahaie. ALL the great scenes are devastatingly altered, apparantly with a cutting tool, abandoning us with a mixed up, careless wreckage that makes late-nite Skinemax flix look like Stanley Kubrick’s index. This would be a pitiful film even with the great parts took off alone, and at the value point requested on Amazon (or anyplace else), it’s likened to inside and out burglary or a depression look. Maintain a strategic distance from this no matter what, and on the off chance that somebody needs to give you it for nothing, you’d STILL be in an ideal situation without it. Indeed ‘High’, these “Young ladies” fizzled the ‘Test’.

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High Test Girls Full Movie HD Free Download DVDrip

High Test Girls Full Movie HD Free Download DVDrip

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