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Chandni Bar is a 2001 Hindi film coordinated by Madhur Bhandarkar. It delineates the abrasive existence of the Mumbai black market, including prostitution, move bars and firearm wrongdoing. The film stars Tabu and Atul Kulkarni in lead parts. It additionally stars Ananya Khare, Rajpal Yadav, Minakshi Sahani and Vishal Thakkar. The film was a widely praised hit and it won four National Film Awards.Mumtaz (Tabu) is an innocent youthful rustic lady whose family is slaughtered in common uproars. After her town is scorched to the ground, she moves to Mumbai with her uncle, the main relative she has cleared out. They are frantically poor and her uncle convinces her to wind up noticeably a bar young lady (artist) at Chandni Bar. He guarantees her this is just brief, until he can land a position. Mumtaz is modest and hates the work, however she constrains herself to move and tease. In any case, her uncle doesn’t keep his assertion; he lives on her profit, drinking them away, and never lands a position. One night, subsequent to investing energy drinking and viewing the young ladies move at the bar, Mumtaz’s uncle assaults her. Chandni Bar 2001 Full Movie HD Free Download 720p, Chandni Bar 2001 Full Movie Download, Mumtaz is distressed and candidly trusts in alternate artists. Despite the fact that they comfort her, Mumtaz is given a rude awakening when she understands that numerous other ladies at the bar have similarly aggravating and difficult stories. She figures out how to get a hold of herself and inundates herself in her work at the bar.Eventually, Mumtaz gets the attention of a hoodlum called Pottya Sawant (Atul Kulkarni). He endeavors to entice her, lastly falls back on paying her for sex. Mumtaz, in any case, can’t proceed with the deed and informs Pottya regarding her assault. Infuriated, Pottya executes her uncle and weds Mumtaz. Mumtaz leaves the bar, and Pottya ascends the criminal positions rapidly, notwithstanding his unpredictable temper. The couple carry on with a glad life, together with their child, Abhay, and little girl, Payal. Mumtaz wishes for Abhay and Payal to be instructed, and remain far from her universe of moving young ladies and Pottya’s universe of gangsters.Pottya’s state of mind and temper make him rashly execute another hoodlum, which brings about him losing companions and associations in the criminal world.

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Chandni Bar 2001 Full Movie HD Free Download 720p

Chandni Bar 2001 Full Movie HD Free Download 720p

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